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Meet Fatima

A few months ago, Fatima started her first job after finishing her studies. Now she has been in home office for some weeks because of the corona crisis. Her job is demanding and when she finishes work in the evening, she feels like she does not have any energy left. Now that she is not meeting her friends anymore and her sport classes are cancelled, she tends to spend her evenings on the couch with late night fast food even more than she used to. She recognizes that she has difficulties getting up in the morning, that her mood is low, and that she is not motivated to be active. At some point, she is talking to a colleague on the phone about her situation and the colleague is suggesting that she could use eMovit to get a healthier routine – especially in these challenging times.  


  • Take a break (every day in home office)
  • A healthy meal (5 days in the evenings)
  • Sports (2 per week)
  • Customized Card: Calling friends (1 per week)

Meet David

David is studying International Business and the deadline for his term paper is coming up next week. Now that the library is closed, he is spending most of his days in his room to study. It is a difficult course with a lot of content and David is afraid that he will fail the paper. With every day, he is spending more and more hours at his desk writing and doing research. But instead of being more productive he gets very tired and is losing his focus multiple times per day. A friend is suggesting him to use eMovit to activate positive behaviours for a structured daily studying routine.


  • Take a break (every day twice)
  • Get enough sleep (every day in the evening)
  • Customized card: Meditate (1 per day in the morning)

Meet Tim

Tim is a very sociable person. After work, he is normally meeting friends, is going to concerts, to the movies, or to creative classes. He is always ‘on the road’. Lately he recognizes that his mood is low. In times of the coronavirus he is not meeting his friends or attending any of his usual free time activities. First, he tries to ignore the change in his mood but he feels miserable about this change and decides to try to do something about it. He wants to integrate different and new social activities into his life in times of the coronavirus. Also, he plans on participating in the online offer of the creative class he attended before. He starts using eMovit.


  • Moment for yourself (5 per week)
  • Take a break (1 per day)
  • ustomized cards: Digital creative class (1 per week), Calling friends via video (3 per week), writing a letter to a friend (1 per week)

Meet Lewis

Lewis is a father of two children who works at the reception desk of a hospital. Before the corona crisis he was struggling to find a right balance between his job and spending enough time with the kids. In times of the coronavirus he and his wife work in alternate shifts to be able to care for their children at home. He always has to rush between work and being home with his kids and has trouble relaxing. Lately, he has been worrying a lot about the current situation. The children notice that he is more irritable sometimes and they complain that he doesn’t have enough time to play. While his children were his main motivation for change when he started using eMovit before the corona crisis, he realises now that he might also use eMovit to establish a routine and engage in things that promote his values despite of the difficult circumstances.  


  • Moment for yourself (3 times per week)
  • A healthy meal (every day)
  • Customized card: Play with the children (2 per week)